Winter Goals


With summer now feeling like it was forever ago its a great time to begin to think about setting some goals before the year is out! I wrote this a few weeks back and only managing to publish!

I have put together a moodboard, very much like in the style of The Secret (currently listening in the car on audio book) in the aim that visualising your goals and making you think about putting them into action. Although the actual moodpboard feels too personal for me to share right now here are a few of the key points I would like to share!

Mornings – I recently read an interesting article on the Manrepeller about becoming more of a morning person. It made me wince at the time, I really don’t like early mornings. Like most people I enjoy the comfort of my bed. Weekends usually mean that I’ll rock up ready for brunch around 3. No sooner! For some reason I kept thinking about if it was honestly possible to make yourself more of a morning person. So here the experiments go!

Nobody wants this more for me than I do – however so far this is my least favourite goal. I’m more tired than ever in the morning that I’ve resorted to showering before bed so I can sleep longer! I am determined to turn this around, however this week has been a bit of an emotional one and I’m giving myself another week of rest until setting that alarm an hour earlier.

Gym – Being fit and active is something that I really want to immerse myself in much more. Not just buying the new gear like these trainers which I have my eye on but actually trying new gym classes like aerial hoop and Barry’s Bootcamp.

I’m actually really proud to say that the above I’m trying and succeeding at! I’m going to write a blog post about all the classes I’ve tried and what worked for me – so keep an eye out.

Drawing – taking the time to be inspired and getting it down on paper is something that I need to invest more time in. I love drawing my little doodles, and I really want to share more with everyone. I find it similar to writing, when you get one idea lots start flowing. Now I have a portal to share lots of my doodles I hope it will encourage me more!

I’m still getting into the flow of the above. Having set dedicated drawing time hasn’t quiet worked out for me yet – however I’ve been reserving time to be able to read/write/draw. Not putting pressure on myself on what I need to achieve has made me feel more open to what the end product might be.


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