This Week’s Obsession – The Guilty Feminist.


This week I’ve been getting a little obsessed with the Guilty Feminist podcast. It’s been something that a few friends listen to that I finally had the time to catch up.

I’m a bit annoyed at myself for leaving it so long that now I have so many to catch up with it! The episodes had me laughing, they provoked so many thoughts and I was constantly nodding along in support and agreement. I loved so many of the subjects that they talked about, it was some were great at making me think about past encounters or how I would like to handle future events.

It is really important to also point out some of the really heartfelt accounts that were shared during the most recent Harvey Weinstein podcast presented by both Deborah Frances-White and Cal Wilson with guest star Kristine Ziwica. It was raw and authentic, and I’ve thought about the comments and stories repeatedly since listening. I love that its a comedy podcast but covers so many important subjects for all feminists.

My favourite podcast has to be about the Cancun encounter (episode 71) – I won’t give away the story but I can’t recommend it enough to check it out! If you want to laugh and feel empowered then get on it! I listened to it via Spotify.

In true guilty feminist style – I’m a feminist but I spelt the word wrong twice whilst writing this! I also nag my boyfriend to buy me flowers.

Whats your favourite episode or podcast in general?


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